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Twin Ridge Walk Above Caerphilly and Cardiff, 23 March 2024

Today, 14 intrepid Ramblers, including our new friends Huw and Filippo, embarked on an adventure that took us above the clouds and into the heart of nature's splendour. Our journey began at the serene Llwyn Hir Picnic Area, where the Twin Ridge Walk beckoned us with its promise of breathtaking vistas. With spirits high, we ventured westward, the Maenllwyd Inn a distant beacon guiding us through the whispering Coed Llwyn-celyn woods. As we emerged, the Bristol Channel unfurled before us, a silver ribbon amidst the green, with Cardiff and Weston Super Mare painting the horizon. The path led us to the enchanting Cefn Onn park, where the trees stood tall, adorned with blossoms like nature's own fireworks. The climb north was a challenge that tested our resolve, but together, we rose above the Caerphilly Tunnel, its airshafts a testament to human ingenuity. Our fellowship shared laughter and stories over lunch on the Rhymney Valley Ridgeway, the camaraderie as warm as the sun above. The return through Coed Cefn-onn's embrace included a historical pause at a WWII bunker's marker, a solemn nod to the past. Nearing our starting point, we paused to marvel at an eagle carving, a silent guardian bidding us farewell. The road outside the Maenllwyd Inn marked the end of our road journey, but only the beginning of memories that will last a lifetime. A heartfelt thanks to John, our fearless leader, for guiding us through this tapestry of natural wonders. Today was not just a walk; it was a celebration of friendship and the great outdoors. To those who hear the call of the wild, our arms and trails are open.