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Coast, Country, and Lighthouse, 14 October 2023

Twelve hardy ramblers (including welcome guests Soha and Kerry) braved the bright sunshine and gusty wind on our walk from Monknash today. From the carpark, we made our way down the Nash brook past the derelict corn-mill and almost to the beach. We then climbed up to the top of the cliff where in still-gusting but not too cold wind, we walked to then up Marcross brook. At Marcross, we had a quick cuppa in the churchyard then made our way East to St Donats. Some roadwork then followed as we went NorthEast to a very narrow kissing gate which led us across fields to the Atlantic wharf where dinner was consumed. Braving a much chillier wind, we then climed back to the cliff top where after passing Nash point lighthouse, we returned to the carpark via the Valeways Millennium heritage walk. A big thanks to Derek and Cath for the walk and to all the walkers for making it such a success.