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Ogmore circular, 11 May 2024

12 fortunate souls embarked on an 8-mile journey of discovery with the Merthyr Valley Ramblers, led by our intrepid guide, Derek. Starting at Ogmore by Sea, we were greeted by a day so bright and sunny, it promised nothing but joy. We strolled north, with the Ogmore River as our companion, towards the historic Ogmore Castle. The stepping stones across the river were not just a path but a playground for our furry friends who joined us, splashing and quenching their thirst. Our group photo on the castle bridge was a snapshot of camaraderie. We then ventured towards Ogmore Down, with the Southerndown Golf Club to our right, and soon after, the Bridgend Circular Walk path guided us past the old Pant Limestone quarry. Our first break was a chance to breathe in the beauty around us before descending into the charming village of St Brides Major. A short jaunt on the road, and we were on the Valeways Millennium Heritage Trail, a tapestry of fields and woodlands leading us back to the coast. Lunch at Dunraven Bay wasn't just a meal; it was a feast for the senses, surrounded by nature's splendor. With spirits high, we ascended the coast path, where the panoramic views of the bay and the mesmerizing dancing stones below took our breath away. The final leg of our journey was a blend of verdant paths and playful coastal sand, leading us back to where we began. Some celebrated with ice creams, while others toasted to the day at The Watermill pub, basking in the sun's embrace.