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Pen Y Crug Hillfort, 10 February 2024

🌟 Saturday Morning Bliss: Seventeen intrepid hikers gathered at The Watton car park in Brecon, greeted by the delightful news that parking was free for the day (a rare treat, happening every Saturday for the next couple of months). The sun peeked through the clouds, promising a glorious adventure.

🏰 Brecon Castle Bound: Our fearless leader (Patrick Kelly!) pointed our compasses toward Brecon Castle, tracing the ancient path up the Pen y Crug Hillfort. The Grade II listed Postern House, once a fire station and jail, whispered secrets of bygone days as we passed by.

🌿 Into the Enchanted Groves: The Priory Groves beckoned - a magical stretch of woodland and riverside. Birds serenaded us, and dappled sunlight danced on the path. We crossed the Anod Bridge, where tree stumps stood like sentinels, inviting us to pause for a tea break by the babbling River Honddu.

β˜• Tea, Stiles, and Boggy Ground: Refreshed, we pressed on toward Pytindu Farm. Challenging stiles tested our agility, and boggy patches tried to steal our boots. But onward we marched, following the lane back to the B4520, passing Tairderwen and Gwenffrwd. The bridle path awaited - the stairway to hilltop heaven.

πŸŒ„ Summit Serenity: Atop the Pen y Crug Hill Fort, we caught our breath. The panorama unfolded: Beacons to the south, Black Mountains to the east. The trig point stood proud, surveying it all. We huddled out of the wind for lunch, savouring sandwiches and views.

🌧️ Downhill and Muddy: Gravity pulled us downward, through fields that grew boggier with each step. We paused at the ancient Maen-du well, its mossy stones whispering forgotten tales. Through a housing estate we wove, glimpsing the Brecon Cathedral - its doors wide open.

🎢 Adele and the Angels: Inside the cathedral, we admired stained glass and echoes of centuries past. But wait! The stage was set for an Adele tribute night. We tiptoed out, leaving the angels to their rehearsals.

πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Homeward Bound: Exiting the churchyard, we retraced our steps to the start of the Priory Groves walk. Back to the cars, tired but content. Thanks to all who joined - your laughter, stories, and camaraderie made this a day to remember. And to the weather gods: thanks for holding back the rain! πŸ™Œ