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Taff Trail Stroll, 09 September 2023

Well, today was a different walk from the planned one, the 2/4 miles turned into 9 miles! Only four walkers turned up and as they were all ramblers that had not been walking much recently, we decided to see how far we could go. It was 27°C when we left the willows, doing the short walk from there to the Taff Trail. It was then south, strolling and chatting with regular stops as the distance clocked up. We had a cuppa outside the Dynevor and then decided to pay our respects in the cemetery at Aberfan, where we had lunch. We then crossed the valley and picked up the Trefethick Trail back to Abercanaid. Luckily for us, there was lots of shade and the occasional breeze (especially on the return journey) so the heat never became a problem. Not many pictures as I was leading but I’m sure that there will be more soon. Thanks to the great company for making this walk special.