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The Jingle Street, 28 January 2023

Cold but dry weather greeted the 15 lucky Merthyr Valley Ramblers (including welcome guests Karen, June, Steve and Sennur) on today’s 8.5 walk from Monmouth. We started by walking past the Brook estate to Watery Lane (apparently, the most haunted road in Monmouth) where we joined the Offa’s Dyke path. At White Hill Wood, we headed North and did a loop through Upper Caxton Wood to Great Garrow wood where we had the inevitable cuppa. We then did another loop passing by Calling Wood, through Dingle Wood to Alan’s Little Wood. Woods finished, we then headed South to just before Jingle Street where luncheon and Ferro Rocher’s (we’re going up in the world!) were consumed whilst the hang-gliders circled overhead. It was then down Jingle street (where Derek explained where the name came from) and past the church at Wonastow. Derek then made the wise decision to cross the fields and styles to Monmouth rather than walk the sometimes busy narrow Wonastow road. Many thanks to Derek and Cath for another fine walk and to all for the fabulous company.