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A walk through and around Glasfyndd Forest, 15 June 2024

Today, our intrepid group of ten met for a captivating walk through the mystical Glasfyndd Forest. Led by Andrew, who was right at home on his own turf. Andrew's cozy abode is just a stone's throw away from our starting point at The Dark Sky Lodge. Under uncertain skies that couldn't decide between raindrops and sunbeams, we stepped into the forest, heading southward toward the forest's edge and the majestic Twyn y Garn. A Loop Around the Outskirts as we circled the forest's perimeter, taking in the lush greenery and the promise of hidden wonders. The three fans — Gyhirych, Fraith, and Nedd—watched over our progress as we reached a Brecon Beacons-inspired outlook for a refreshing tea break. When the Heavens Opened, just as we settled in, we were undeterred by the downpour, we forged ahead, climbing northward toward Cwm Meity. Layers of clothing were exchanged as frequently as stories. We continued our meandering journey, passing Forest Lodge en route to our starting point. The ever-changing weather added an extra layer of excitement, reminding us that nature's surprises are part of the adventure. Huge thanks to Andrew for leading us through this fantastic ramble! And to all our fellow walkers, your camaraderie made this day truly special. Let's keep exploring, rain or shine!